Yoga mats are for every style

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If you are planning to start doing yoga, you will probably need a yoga mat. Yoga mats are very important because they help you perform yoga poses with ease by improving your body coordination and balance. Yoga mats come in various materials and textures. The fabrics used in making these mats include rubber, foam, PVC, cotton, or jute. These fabrics provide you with a layer, which protects you from being hurt by the floor and makes you more comfortable as you perform yoga. When buying your mat you should make sure that you choose a suitable mat for you.

Research shows that most people are not aware of the existence of different types of yoga that they can carry out. The existing types of yoga incorporate different poses. Even though some types are more common than others are, all types of yoga will help you reap the benefits that come with performing it consistently. Here are some types of yoga you can perform on your yoga mat.

Power yoga: This type of yoga is also known as vinyasa yoga. Power yoga is very active, involving rapid and vigorous movements that are done in succession. Power yoga poses can be efficiently executed on a mat. The intensity of power yoga exercises can make you break a sweat and help to stretch your muscles. Hence, if you are looking for a type of yoga, which can help you to work out, then power yoga is simply the best for you. Power yoga has innumerable benefits such as:

  • helps you increase your flexibility

  • tones your muscles and gives you a slender appearance

  • increases your strength and endurance

  • reduces your stress level

Gentle Yoga: It is also known as “hatha yoga.” Gentle yoga is a traditional type and as the word suggests it is gentle to your body. It incorporates different poses such as body asanas, meditation, and breath works. Gentle yoga helps in relaxation of your body and mind, as it involves a series of breathing techniques combined with slow and less strenuous yoga poses. Additionally, gentle yoga also helps to stretch your muscles.

Kundalini yoga: It is also referred to as “laya yoga”. Kundalini yoga focuses on meditation, yoga asana (postures) and breathing techniques (pranayama). This type of yoga is aimed at developing spiritual awareness in order to free the kundalini (serpent power). The kundalini can be released through rapid breaths, which are coupled with body postures that are intended to heat the base of the spine and let the energy flow upwards through the eight chakras. As you perform this type of yoga on your mat there comes a point when the kundalini is released and you feel enlightened.

Ashtanga yoga: This type of yoga contains body postures, which are sequentially linked to breaths. It is a rigorous and a sweaty type of yoga that requires a lot of practice on the yoga mat. In Ashtanga yoga, the practitioner is expected to perform certain poses in exactly the same order. It also improves flexibility and blood circulation, giving you a strong body.

Bikram yoga: This type of yoga is intended to promote fitness, build strong muscles, increase endurance, also helping with body detoxification. Bikram practice is vigorous and will make you sweat profusely. It is carried out in an environment with high temperatures and involves a series of poses (26) that follow the same sequence.

There are other types of yoga that can be carried out on yoga mats as well. They include:

  • Iyengar yoga

  • Hot yoga

  • Yin yoga

  • Restorative yoga

  • Anusara yoga

In conclusion, there are different types of yoga that you can practice. Regardless of your choice, you will always require a yoga mat to carry out your yoga practice.

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