How to Use a Wall during Yoga Practice – 4 Poses

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There are many different yoga poses that can be done using the support of a wall. It can help you open your body or stabilize a complex pose. Some even say that a wall can become a yogi’s best friend. It plays the role of a teacher during your home yoga practice. Here are eight different ways you can explore yoga asanas assisted by a wall. 

4 Ways You Can Do Yoga Using a Wall 

#1. Revolved Pose with Foot Anchored 

This is a great yoga pose that uses a wall. It requires twisting and balancing your body at the same time. Although it doesn’t look difficult, this is quite a complicated pose. Stand tall facing a wall. Extend your arms straight in a horizontal position, aligning them with your shoulders.  Lift your right leg and support your foot against the wall. Next, you must slowly twist your upper body towards the right in the direction of your lifted leg. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale deeply during the entire pose, which you must hold for at least 30 seconds. 

#2. King Arthur’s Pose

If you need a much deeper thigh stretch, this is the perfect asana for you. It opens the quad. To protect the knees, you should place a mat or a blanket on the floor. Lie down on your hands and knees, keeping your soles against the wall. Place the right knee pressed against the wall, at its base. Also, try to keep your foot’s tip as straight as possible, pointing towards the ceiling. The other leg remains with its sole on the mat, and the knee bent at a 90-degree angle. It is like a deep lunge position. Put both your elbows up on your front leg, keeping them in a somewhat resting position on the knee. If you want to do an even more advanced pose version, you must bring your buttock closer to the wall and straighten your spine by stretching your arms on your front leg.

#3. L-Shape Core Work

This wall yoga pose is a type of handstand asana. It is also a killer core exercise. You must stand on your hands and put both your legs up on the wall, creating an L-shape with your body. Try to keep your hands straight and aligned with your shoulders. Once you feel comfortable in this position, take one foot off the wall and keep it straight while lifting it towards the ceiling. You can stop lifting your leg when it reaches a position that is over your tailbone. Then, lower your leg back on the wall. Do this for at least three times and repeat the pose on the other leg. 

#4. Modified Cobra Pose

You will curl your entire body by doing this deep backbend which, at first sight, might seem almost impossible. Begin by lying with your face down on the mat. Keep your knees apart, aligned with your hips. Put your legs up on the wall from the knee up to your feet. There must be a 90-degree angle between your upper and lower legs. Spread your fingers and press only the tips on the mat. Open your chest by pushing your thigh bones against the floor. Keep your shoulders back while bringing your head back until you face the ceiling. Breathe slowly and deeply a few times. Don’t hesitate to gently release the pose if you start noticing any kind of pain or pressure in your body.

Let’s Recap

All the above yoga poses are done assisted by a wall. We recommend them for those of you who are more experienced when it comes to a yoga practice. They require a certain level of flexibility. but this doesn’t mean they are impossible to do. Let us know how well you managed to hold these poses.

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