How Can Essential Oils Help Your Yoga Practice?


Do you ever wonder what it is your yoga instructor is spraying on the towel that he or she waves around the room at the end of yoga practice? It’s probably a blend of essential oils to help enhance your yoga practice. Aromatherapy, like yoga, focuses on improving the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Different oils can be put together to help you relax, feel more energized, be focused, and a variety of other things. So, what are some blends or oils you can use yourself to enhance your at home yoga practice?

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I personally love lavender. Lavender has relaxing properties and can also help to ease headaches! You can diffuse it, or I’ve even put a few drops in a mug of hot water to help ease a headache. It’s a great oil to diffuse during yoga because of its relaxing properties. It will help you to better focus on the workout at hand and forget the stressful day at work.

Yoga is all about helping you find strength and balance both mentally and physically. It helps you to break down barriers and work through the stress you experience in your daily life. An essential oil blend that can assist in this process is a blend of Cedarwood, Rose, and Rosemary. Cedarwood helps you with focus, rose essential oil helps ease depression and anxiety, and rosemary helps boost your clarity. This combination together helps you maintain your mental and physical focus for a better yoga practice and overall spiritual well-being.

If you’re getting ready to go into a more intense yoga workout like Yoga Sculpt but feel yourself lacking energy, sweet orange may help boost your energy levels. It can also boost your mood because of its direct effect on the olfactory system. The smell is also just a refreshing and energizing smell that reminds me of summer!

The combination of tea tree oil and lavender is also a great blend that you can spray at the beginning of a yoga class or towards the end during Savasana. To make the spray, combine equal parts lavender and tea tree with a little bit of water. You can also use this spray to clean your mat because of the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil. Lavender as mentioned above is a relaxing smell that reduces stress and anxiety to help you better focus on your yoga practice.

These are just a few of the oils that can be used for your yoga practice. Essential oils can be used in your everyday life to clean, heal cuts or ailments, or to help you either relax or feel more energized. As mentioned before, essential oils and aromatherapy are intended to help you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Couple this with your yoga practice and you will be on your way to feeling your best! There are many different oils out there that you can use individually or put together in blends. Be sure to research the blends you want to try as some essential oils are not recommended for women who are pregnant or for young children. What are some of your favorite oils or oil blends?

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