Best Essential Oils to Travel With

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Whether you’re traveling to a yoga retreat on a tropical island or just taking a road trip with friends or family across the United States, at least a few of essential oils should always make the cut in your carry on. If you already have a relationship with essential oils you may have your favorites that are always ready to be thrown in your travel bag, or maybe live in your handbag currently. However, if you are just beginning to become curious about oils and the health benefits they provide, this list will give you a good place to start. Some oils can be ingested if they are food grade, but most can either be placed directly on your skin or added to coconut oil to be placed on the skin. You can also use oils in a diffuser or on a cloth so that you can use aromatherapy and benefit from just the smell of the oils. Most oils come in small vials as well so they will pass through airport security without a worry!


Lemon is one of the most versatile and affordable oils out there and if you own only one oil, lemon is the one I always recommend. Most lemon oils are ingestible and you can add a few drops to water in place of fresh lemon for the same alkalizing and detoxifying effects. You can also add a few drops of lemon to a spray bottle full of water to use as a cleaning solution for surfaces, including tray tables on airplanes or bus seats or less than a clean hotel or hostel rooms. 


Melaleuca is the purest form of tea tree oil and has a variety of benefits for the skin and the health of the body. It is naturally antibacterial and can be used on wounds, bug bites, and most skin irritations. Melaleuca can also be diluted and used on the skin to help promote an even and healthy skin tone and oil level. Letting it diffuse through the air is also highly purifying which can help if the air in the place you are traveling to is less than ideal. 

Orange Bliss

Orange Bliss by DoTerra or any other citrus blend is a great oil to add to your collection, especially for traveling. Citrus blends are invigorating and energizing, and help to get you going when jet lag hits or when traveling begins to get you down. You can place it on your skin, along with chakra points or on your temples and wrists so that you catch the scent as you move throughout your day. You can also add a few drops to water and spray it on your clothes or through your hair. 


Lavender is extremely calming, and a great oil to have on hand when the inevitable travel stress occurs. Keep it close by to dab on your wrists, close your eyes, and take in deep breaths of the scent as you allow yourself to become centered once more. You can also spray the oil onto your pillow and sheets before bed before you go to sleep to help you settle more into a new bed and space and get a good night’s sleep so that you have the energy to keep traveling and exploring your surroundings.

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