Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is a condition where an individual loses control of his/her balance. This disturbance is usually felt through dizziness and is commonly caused b

How to Use a Wall during Yoga Practice – 4 Poses

There are many different yoga poses that can be done using the support of a wall. It can help you open your body or stabilize a complex pose. Some even say that a wall can become a yogi’s best friend. It plays the role of a teacher during your hom

Yoga Bolster

Props can add to the overall yoga experience resulting in juicier and relaxing stretches. A y

How Can Essential Oils Help Your Yoga Practice?

Do you ever wonder what it is your yoga instructor is spraying on the towel that he or she waves around the room at the end of yoga practice? It’s probably a blend of essential oils to help enhance your yoga practice. Aromatherapy, li